Client Success Stories

“I’ve had migraines for 50 years, GI symptoms for 30 years and chronic eczema for a decade. Despite a career in medical research, giving me access to some of the best physicians, newest drugs, and latest research, I’ve gone a lifetime thinking this was just my miserable normal.

Then, I read a brief article by Whole-istic Living that piqued my interest and, despite low expectations and hard-earned skepticism. I decided to give Jenna a call.

Jenna patiently allowed me to question every suggestion, to research all the relevant academic publications, and to move slowly as she ordered a series of tests to identify my food sensitivities and thoroughly access my nutritional needs. Then, she gave me weekly encouragement as we drastically changed my diet and lifestyle.

Now, after just three short months, Jenna has literally changed my life! My headaches are becoming rare, the rash is mostly gone, and most-importantly I feel great. I’m amazed that a relatively simple change in diet has accomplished all this. I only wish that I had met Jenna a lifetime ago.” – S.M.

“For the past 2 years I’ve been to gastroenterologists and food allergy specialists trying to figure out why I was having digestive issues. I’ve been through multiple tests and been on restrictive diets, none of which has helped.

Since I met Jenna 6 weeks ago I can honestly say that this is the best that I felt in 2 years, my symptoms have improved by at least 90% ! I would highly recommend Jenna!” — R.L.

“Jenna is an amazing partner in health, nutrition and wellbeing. I came to her 6 months ago after being diagnosed with diabetes. Through our work together, I have been able to completely turn my diet around and get to healthier blood sugar levels. In that 6 months, a1c has gone from 14 to 6 and I’ve lost 30+ lbs.

Through healthful eating and the use of herbal supplements, I was able to bring my blood sugar down 100 points before even starting on pharmaceutical medication. Not to mention that I’ve learned a ton about how to eat and how food works in my body (shout out for Kitchen Alchemy).

Six months ago my health future was uncertain. Now I’m starting to need less pharmaceuticals because my body is healing itself. Changing my whole relationship with food is a long term goal, but I am totally amazed both by what I’ve been able to accomplish so far and by my outlook for the future.

Thank you so much Jenna! You’re the best!” –J.M.

“I was diagnosed with IBS approximately seven years ago and suffered from chronic pain and discomfort. Despite the efforts and expertise of my primary physician and gastroenterologist, my symptoms continued. I was depressed, anxious and fatigued. There were days when I felt hopeless and exceedingly helpless.

I recently retired and I was looking forward to starting the next phase of my life. However, I knew that I had to better manage my symptoms in order for me to move forward. I started my journey with Jenna four months ago and it has been amazing!!!! Through our work together, Jenna has been able to heal my gut with healthy eating, herbal supplements. and a holistic approach. Jenna is extremely professional, intelligent and compassionate. She truly understood how I was feeling due to her own health experiences. My plan of care was tailored to my unique symptoms and flexible to change as needed. In addition, I have been able to decrease some of my medications and eventually maybe discontinue my pharmaceuticals entirely.

Jenna has impacted my life in such a positive manner! I now feel hopeful, energized and happy. I was able to achieve my health goals with Jenna’s emotional support, calming attitude and expertise. Jenna is approachable, she responds quickly to any questions or concerns and, most importantly, she genuinely cares. I recommend Jenna highly.” — Leslie

“I found Jenna when I was searching for a holistic nutritionist to address a variety of health conditions I had been dealing with for years. I was sick of being given medications to try to fix all of the problems and I felt like there must be another way.
One of the big issues I was having was a variety of GI symptoms. I had been dealing with this for over 6 years and had tried some medications and seen many specialists.
When I met Jenna and told her all of my different symptoms, she was the first person that finally validated my thought that all of these issues were connected and could be helped through diet changes. It finally seemed to make sense and I was so happy to feel understood.
Jenna was so great working with me to help me slowly make changes to my diet. I never felt overwhelmed and she was always very responsive to any questions, explaining the reasoning for any diet changes or additions.
Jenna started the journey for me of health through nutrition and I can’t thank her enough for that. I have already recommended her to a variety of family and friends who have complained about GI and other chronic issues.
I would recommend [Jenna] to anyone who has any chronic health problems and wants to learn how to feel better and heal through nutrition and lifestyle changes!” –T.G.
“I started seeing Jenna about two years ago… I was on several medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol & thyroid problems as well as severe leg cramps.
I didn’t know what to eat or not eat. She advised me on healthy food, which juice & tea to drink to help me & cream for the leg cramps, which were gone a week later!
I’m going back soon for more help to make me as healthy as possible with the least amount of medication. This has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. ” –S.T.
“Jenna is amazing!  Truly!  I came to Jenna for help in treating an autoimmune condition with an overactive thyroid.  One of my issues was that my body was in overdrive.  I couldn’t eat enough and was losing weight.  
I knew from the start that any treatment I used would need to include good, healthy, nutritious food.  I also knew that I would need help figuring out what would actually be healing for my condition. 
I was determined to heal my body naturally with no medication.  Since food is medicine, I knew that was an important component for me.  Jenna became a vital member in my healing team.  She is really smart and understood all the “numbers” and “data” from my blood and lab results.  
[Jenna] helped me incorporate delicious, nutrient dense, healing foods into my regular eating plan, which resulted in me regaining my normal weight and keeping it there.  
My lab work is back in the “normal” range, and I know that continuing to eat well is a huge part of that.
Jenna is smart, kind, compassionate and considerate.  She truly knows and understands the science as well as the heart of nutrition so she can tailor her approach to the unique needs of each person.  More importantly, she never scolds or shames.  Rather, she supports and celebrates each positive change.  
I’ve been raving about her to my friends and keep sending people to her for help.  They all love her as well.  I am truly grateful for all the ways Jenna has helped me on my journey back to health.” — J.H.

“I went to Jenna looking for help in managing my diagnosis of Crohn’s Colitis. Medication helped but I was having a difficult time identifying and avoiding foods that would trigger a flair.

As a result, finding a diet that would give me the nutrition and energy I needed seemed impossible.

After working together to figure out what foods did not agree with me, Jenna helped me discover other foods and alternatives, along with ways of preparing them, that not only tasted great but made my body feel good.

The change in my life was incredible. I can eat a wide variety of delicious food and my last gastroenterology exam showed no signs of inflammation!

On a side note, my appointments with Jenna were like mini therapy sessions. Jenna is incredibly easy to talk to and listens without judgement… Thanks Jenna!” –H.M.

“My life has changed since meeting Jenna and receiving Reiki.

I was diagnosed with PTSD and suffering with terrible Panic attacks which happened multiple times a day including not able to sleep more than n 2 hours a night.

I was introduced to Jenna by my primary care Doctor. I had my first distance Reiki session from home while experiencing a severe panic attack.

At the end of the session, to my surprise, the panic attack had diminished, I felt calmer than I had been in weeks, and I was able to get through the rest of the day without medication. That night I had slept 6 hours. This felt like a miracle.

I met with Jenna later that week for an in-office visit and continued weekly for a period of time. After each visit I could feel the anxiety lift off of me and I was calmer and more grounded.

Eventually the panic attacks would become more infrequent and weaker until they finally disappeared. Thanks to Jenna I have been panic/anxiety free and living a “normal” healthy life.” – J.L.


Jenna is fabulous!!! She looks for the underlying causes of symptoms without just focusing on the symptoms themselves. I originally talked to her about fatigue, severe and painful acne, and stomach cramps. Within weeks, my fatigue and acne were gone because she discovered the sources of both (my traditional doctors did not identify these even after years) and helped me find the best herb/supplement for me. She has also helped me work through the cramps. And although hormones continue to change my body, Jenna continues to offer relief for whatever stage I am in. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat…and I have. –CJ

“Jenna absolutely knows her stuff. I’ve had no nutritionist ever that could match her.

Her holistic approach makes all the difference in the world for somebody like me because I have an autoimmune disorder.” –N.W.


“Jenna is AMAZING on every level for knowledge, support and guidance in nutrition and individualized goals!

She is patient, understanding and makes you feel at peace for where you are at on your relational journey with health and overall wellness!

I extremely recommend her for quality services across the board!!!!” –N.H.

If I could give more then five stars I would! Jenna Volpe has had a wonderfully positive impact on my life. I have been seeing her for over two years for a chronic illness and have had amazing results.

Through her kind words of encouragement, gentle demeanor, and wealth of wholistic knowledge I have been able to live happily because I feel so good!

For all those seeking a healthy lifestyle free of pain, fatigue, and illness talk to Jenna. She will definitely be able to help you as much as she has helped me. –MB