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1:1 Strategy Call (Health Practitioners Only!)

Let’s face it – working in the health field as a healthcare provider nowadays can feel confusing and overwhelming when there are so many different views, complex cases, conflicting opinions and an ever-revolving door of research that continues to change.

But nonetheless…

It’s no secret that no matter which field you may be in, or what kind of nutrition beliefs you may hold, we can all agree that…

Chronic illness is running rampant, the healthcare system is in need of reform, and people need all the help and support they can get in these crazy times.

This calls for all hands on-deck!

Functional nutrition & herbal medicine: the new health paradigm

Now more than ever before, people worldwide are seeking a holistic approach that they can trust will work for them.

Also, in private practice, lots of us are finding ourselves up against some pretty challenging and complex cases and could benefit from knowledge in the scope of functional nutrition and/or herbal medicine (beyond what’s covered in the foundational training we receive as health profs).

Many of us behind the scenes are acknowledging the fact that the conventional medical system is incomplete and outdated… it only acknowledges & addresses acute, surface-level symptoms, giving people just enough support so they can manage symptoms and stay above water (versus live optimally).

The thing is, a lot of health profs KNOW there’s more to the story than what’s taught in school, but need more guidance around how to fuse the clinical + holistic worlds of healthcare into one amazing, majorly impactful practice (the right way).

And then, there’s the whole running a business thing!  Easier said than done, to say the least.

Enter the 1:1 Strategy Call. 

This service is for YOU if you’d like to…

1.  Get crystal-clear on your career path and next steps

  • You became a clinician so you can help people – but you’d like some extra guidance & strategy on what direction to go in, and what steps to take, so you can create greater impact and experience exponentially more purpose and fulfillment in your career.
  • You want to hear more about my journey, career path, and experiences bridging the gaps between clinical & holistic – so you feel clear & confident about which steps to take next.

2.  Ask me anything about clinical + holistic / functional nutrtion for gut health & beyond

  • You’re finding yourself at a loss of how to handle some complex clinical cases and would like a more holistic/clinical perspective & supervision so you can help even the sickest of people that choose to work with you.
  • You’d like insight and advice around continuing education programs and scope of practice as it pertains to functional nutrition, herbs, and holistic health – from someone who has been there & done that!
  • You have a bunch of questions about evidence-based functional and holistic nutrition for gut health, hormones, fatigue, etc. so you can better serve your clients

3.  Listen to your inner calling

  • You know there’s so much more to the story when it comes to the degree of impact that food and herbs have on the mind and body!
  • Youd like to increase your scope of knowledge in the fields of evidence-based functional nutrition, holistic health, and herbal medicine in ways that are aligned with your inner calling & compliant within your scope of practice.

4.  Uplevel your communication skills so you can serve MORE people in LESS time

  • You’d like some advice/insights on how to start, run, grow, leverage or scale your practice, so you can start magnetizing more of your ideal clients who have been waiting for you to reach them.
  • You’re feeling burnt out and you’re interested in learning how to create streams of passive income, so you can serve more people in less time, feel less strapped, & enjoy more quality time with your family.

Get on a call with Jenna

If any of the above resonates with you, you may benefit from a virtual 1:1 Strategy Call where we can deep-dive into any and all questions you may have, so you can take your practice to the next level and beyond by starting it / scaling it / growing it / honing your level of expertise.

Because I’ve been there too, and I understand how frustrating it can feel when you just want to help lots of people and create a livelihood doing while doing what you love, staying true to your soul’s calling.

Trust me, it can be done.

Let me pave the way for you! 🙂

(If what you share via the pre qualifying intake form is not in alignment with what I do and how I can help you, our session will be cancelled and your payment refunded.)

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