Pick My Brain (Health Practitioners Only!)

Jenna Volpe Functional Dietitian Nutritionist and Clinical Herbalist - Pick My BrainLet’s face it – working in the health field nowadays can feel confusing and overwhelming when there are so many different views, complex cases, conflicting opinions and an ever-revolving door of research that continues to change. 

Not to mention, nutrition views are feeling more political and more polarized by the day!  The sea of “experts” floating around the internet seems endless, the market saturated, and the nutrition scene is LOUD.

But nonetheless…

It’s no secret that no matter which field you may be in, or what kind of nutrition beliefs you may hold, we can all agree that nutrition is ESSENTIAL and FUNDAMENTAL for getting your patients the best possible health outcomes! 

People need all the help and support they can get in these crazy times. 

This calls for all hands on-deck!

People have figured out that the conventioanl medical system as we know it is incomplete in that it only acknowledges & addresses acute, surface-level symptoms, giving people just enough support so they can stay clinically stable (out of the hospital).

But now more than ever before, people are seeking a holistic approach that they can trust will work for them.  This is the direction things are going.  But finding the right training in this area is difficult unless you’ve looked under a whole bunch of rocks/stones, and/or gone through it yourself as a “wounded healer”.

(I’ve been told we don’t truly understand something until we’ve gone through it first-hand and come out on the other side.)

Also, there’s always going to be more to learn! (At this point in time it’s taken me almost two decades to learn everything I know now around helping people holistically to the degree that I do and yet on some level I’m sure I’ve barely skimmed the tip of the iceberg relative to what’s still out there!)

And then there’s the whole “running a business” thing.

We can’t help people if they don’t know we exist, and/or if they don’t understand how what we can do will help them.

Once you DO get the right training on how to really truly help people, actually reaching the right people so you can actually serve them is a whole other story…

No matter how much knowledge and skill you may have in your craft of helping and healing, it’s no cake walk to (1) start a practice, (2) get it off the ground and then (3) sustain it!

All of that said…  

  • Are you in this field to help people and you’d like some extra guidance on what direction to go in? 
  • OR maybe you just want to pick my brain about nutrition/herbs?
  • OR would you like to discuss the path to becoming a registered dietitian, nutritionist, and/or herbalist?
  • OR do you feel stuck on a complex clinical case and would like a more holistic/clinical perspective & supervision from someone with lots of experience?
  • OR perhaps you’d like some advice/insights on start, run, grow or scale your practice, so you can effectively reach and help more people?

If any of the above resonates with you, you may benefit from a virtual “pick my brain” 1:1 session where we can deep-dive into any and all questions you may have!

Because I’ve been there too, and I understand how frustrating it can feel when you just want to help lots of people and create a livelihood doing while doing what you love, staying true to your soul’s calling.

Trust me, it can be done.

Let me pave the way for you! 🙂

(If what you share via the pre qualifying intake form is not in alignment with what I do and how I can help you, our session will be cancelled and your payment refunded.)

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