Kitchen Alchemy: Meal Planning Made Easy (Online Group Coaching Program)

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Next start date:  January 18, 2021

The 12-week holistic, non-diet approach to meal planning mastery and lasting food freedom!

Kitchen Alchemy is a group coaching program designed for those who desire to take their next step towards achieving (and sustaining):

  • Increased energy levels
  • Less stress around meal planning
  • No more yo-yo dieting
  • Balanced blood sugar levels 
  • Less confusion around what, when or how to eat
  • Sounder sleep
  • Reduced impulsive eating/sugar cravings
  • Improved mood & overall quality of life
  • A stronger food foundation

...on a holistic, root-cause level

If you:

  • Tend to go on/off yo-yo diets, trying to “figure it out”
  • Are ready for a #RESET!
  • Struggle to make time for meal planning, and often find yourself “winging it” (which never works!)
  • Believe that your food choices are negatively impacting the way you feel and your quality of life day-to-day
  • Would like to develop healthier food habits but don’t know where or how to start – maybe you’re overwhelmed by “information overload” 
  • Prefer a practical, non-diet approach that will last long-term
  • Struggle with chronic fatigue/low energy, food cravings, diabetes, hormone imbalance or just get “hangry” often
  • Are sick of trying to navigate this own your own and don’t want to go on anymore fad diets 
  • Are ready to start building a strong, sound nutrition foundation with tasty meal options, variety and sustainability for you and your family

…Then this program is for YOU!

Jenna Volpe RDN LD
Hey there! I’m Jenna.

I help people to increase energy, reduce brain fog, balance blood sugar levels, and reduce stress around meal planning, so they may enjoy a more vibrant, empowered life.

You may be wondering… Why should I care about healthy eating or meal planning?!

On a very basic and yet profound level, what we eat affects how we think and feel all the time.  And how we think & feel is fundamental to achieving success in any other aspect of our lives! 

Having served in the nutrition and health field for over a decade in various settings, I’ve seen literally thousands of clients and patients with conditions of all kinds.

And I came to realize… regardless of what people’s health goals are, trying to manage health conditions without a healthy food foundation is kind of like trying to build a house on a ground made of quicksand… it won’t hold!

  • Think about it this way:  most all medications, supplements and exercise routines require healthy food habits to be in place.

The problem is that trying to navigate this on your own, even with the internet, may be incredibly confusing/overwhelming… and could take years of trial and error if attempted without the right guidance.

In addition to lots of misinformation floating around, many people are also victims of information overload, or “TMI” (too much information).  As a result, we’ve developed a MAJOR misconception that more knowledge equals more transformation…

But that’s not how it works!

Information does not equal transformation.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. When we are exposed to TMI, we become victims of “analysis paralysis” and we are completely lost.

That’s where I come in! The Kitchen Alchemy program is more than just information – it’s a step-by-step framework that will guide you to your goals (in a much faster, more enjoyable way than throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing if it sticks.)

Transformation is totally different ball game from information.  

If you want actionable steps that will lead you to health transformation, keep reading!

I’ve decided to filter, funnel and consolidate some of my best stuff that has worked for so many people over the last 10 years…

And I’ve compiled it into a step-by-step 5 week framework just for you! 

The Kitchen Alchemy Program Includes:

  • Private access to 6 weeks of video modules, handouts and homework assignments dripped out incrementally to help you stay organized and on track
  • 6 Weekly live Q&A group video office hours with me
  • Lifetime access to all content, content updates, annual office hours & private Facebook community

What you’ll learn:

  • Easy, practical meal planning tools & techniques that save you time and leave you feeling satisfied
  • Simple, nourishing recipes that help you to feel amazing AND love what you eat
  • How to navigate healthy food choices in real-life situations (sustainability is key!)
  • Food combinations to promote sustenance and more intuitive eating
  • Label reading guidance so you may grocery shop with ease and confidence

Kitchen Alchemy Participant Benefits:

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Healthier relationship with food & self care
  • Balanced blood sugar
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Sounder sleep
  • A more vibrant and empowering life

What some founding members are saying about the Kitchen Alchemy Program:

“First of all, so far worth every penny! These are the things you have been teaching me and having them gathered in a clear and concise spot is worth its weight in gold. I am more excited now!”

“So many choices in the stores of foods that are processed and /or labeled as healthy. The course helps by breaking food into manageable sections. It’s information I can see myself using over and over. I love how Jenna has done all of the research and quotes her sources.”

“It was amazing!  I felt like you were by my side coaching me every step of the way.  It was the next best thing to having you as my personal coach 24/7.”

 “It was a lot of fun and I’d love to do it again!”
“I’ve lost about 10 lbs. so far over the last few months and would like to continue!”


Next Kitchen Alchemy E-Course Start Date: January 2021 (Pre-register here)

  • If you’re unsure if this program is for you, feel free to book a call and we can chat more about it!


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