Reiki (prounced “ray-kee”) is a non-invasive hands-on healing modality which was originally discovered in Japan but has since spread worldwide.  

Hundreds of clinical studies are available to support the benefits of Reiki!  It is now offered in hospitals around the U.S. to help patients experience deeper relaxation, better sleep, reduced pain and more…

Benefits of a Reiki Session Can Include:

  • Reduced “fight or flight” stress response

  • Deeper sleep

  • Feelings of relaxation

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Better digestion

  • Pain relief

  • Improved mood

  • Less anxiety

January 2021 update:  Jenna is offering mostly distance/remote Jikiden Reiki healing sessions and very limited in-person Reiki healing sessions in Austin, TX due to COVID-19 and also in the process of creating a second website dedicated to additional energy healing services.  
Jenna will also soon be offering a limited small group Level 1 (Shoden) Jikiden Reiki practitioner training outdoors in the spring/summer of 2021 in greater Austin, Texas. Stay tuned!

Jenna Volpe - Jikiden Reiki Session