Reiki (prounced “ray-kee”) is a non-invasive hands-on healing modality which was originally discovered in Japan but has since spread worldwide.  

Hundreds of clinical studies are available to support the benefits of Reiki!  It is now offered in hospitals around the U.S. to help patients experience deeper relaxation, better sleep, reduced pain and more.

Benefits of a Reiki Session Can Include:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Ease of breathing
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Pain relief
  • Mental/emotional releases
  • Spiritual healing experiences
  • Decreased activity in the sympathetic nervous system (“fight or flight”)
  • Increased activity in the parasympathetic nervous system (“rest and digest”)

Reiki IS…

  • COMPLEMENTARY to any healing journey
  • SAFE
    • No harm can come from Reiki
    • Anybody can learn Reiki
    • Everybody benefits from Reiki!
    • Reiki transcends physical healing by balancing our Chakras (energy centers) and addressing unseen energetic blockages which can often be a contributing root cause of physical and emotional ailments.

What Clients Are Saying About Reiki…

Reiki for anxiety and panic attacks:
“My life has changed since meeting Jenna and receiving Reiki. I was diagnosed with PTSD and suffering with terrible Panic attacks which happened multiple times a day including not able to sleep more than n 2 hours a night. I was introduced to Jenna by my primary care Doctor. I had my first distance Reiki session from home while experiencing a severe panic attack. At the end of the session, to my surprise, the panic attack had diminished, I felt calmer than I had been in weeks, and I was able to get through the rest of the day without medication. That night I had slept 6 hours. This felt like a miracle. I met with Jenna later that week for an in-office visit and continued weekly for a period of time. After each visit I could feel the anxiety lift off of me and I was calmer and more grounded. Eventually the panic attacks would become more infrequent and weaker until they finally disappeared. Thanks to Jenna I have been panic/anxiety free and living a ‘normal’ healthy life.” – J.L.
Reiki for joint health (knees), stress reduction and better sleep:
“As a runner who has had two knee surgeries and a person who exercises regularly with various aches and pains, I have found that Reiki has significantly expedited the healing process. I am able to run multiple days in a row pain free, something I was not able to do before Reiki treatments. Reiki can also help with emotional stress and pain that life brings. This is something that I experienced in my first session and it really helped me in a profound way. 
… For me each session is like a journey in which I sometimes enter with stress and return at the end in a calm, peaceful state. Sometimes I leave the session energized and other times I just want to relax. It’s only based on what my body needs. 
I have been receiving Reiki treatment … for about nine months. I have always found Jenna to be a kind professional whose calmness allows me to entirely relax, sometimes to the point of falling asleep, and I am not the type of person who can just fall asleep anywhere. I believe that Reiki can help everyone!” –S.L.

Reiki for pain relief and faster recovery post-surgery: 

“Having regular Reiki treatments with Jenna helped me relax and be less fearful before a recent major surgery. After surgery I continued with Reiki and found that my post-operative pain diminished more quickly after a treatment and that I felt refreshed and grounded in my own healing energy. Jenna is a very intuitive practitioner and offers her insights of holistic health at the highest level.”P.B.


Reiki for pain relief (sore muscles/plantar fasceita) and emotional release: 

“… Having not heard much about Reiki, I did the normal thing people do; I Googled it. Everything I read seemed really broad and I felt like I would just have to experience it for myself in order to grasp what it was really all about. I got to Jenna’s office in the middle of the afternoon and she sat me down in the conference area (which is more like a cozy living room) and let me know the type of sensations I may feel so I wouldn’t be completely in the dark before we started. She explained the various Chakras in the body and that she would work on each, but pay more attention to the areas where she felt the most energy.

…I started to feel tingles and heat coming from her hands. It felt good, as I have extremely tight calves and plantar fasciitis. She worked by my legs and feet for quite a while which was great. Then I flipped over onto my stomach and she worked her way back up to my heart chakra. I had no idea what was going on, but out of nowhere I started to cry. Apparently, this is very common and it signifies the release of pent up emotions. I was really impressed that Jenna was able to control that kind of energy and was able to get that kind of response from me.

After experiencing Reiki, I would definitely recommend giving it a try. Jenna is extremely professional and made me feel comfortable even in a somewhat vulnerable situation, which I greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Jenna!” –A.S.


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