Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

For your convenience we’ve answered some of the most common questions we get on a regular basis!  Feel free to browse, take what you need and leave the rest.

Insurance coverage and fee schedule FAQ’s

Do you take insurance?

Yes – we are currently in-network with the following 2 insurances, in Massachusetts

(If you don’t live in MA, services will be private pay!)

Please note, we are no longer in network with the following insurances (even if you still see us listed as an in-network provider on their roster):

  • Tufts
  • AllWays
  • United Healthcare
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid

If we aren’t in network with your insurance, we accept Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards which can cover 1:1 and group services as well as functional nutrition tests, as needed.

(To learn more about alternative coverage options, check out our blog article: Does Insurance Cover Functional Medicine?)

If you take my insurance, does that mean we can work together?

We can’t guarantee that your insurance will cover nutritional services, even if we are in network with your plan.

Also, we have very limited availability and can’t work with everyone who reaches out.

That said, since we specialize in digestive health conditions and hormonal balance, we are no longer offering services for people who are seeking support with an eating disorder.

If you’re seeking to work with us through insurance, we will also require that you enroll in our self-paced online course which will provide you with supplemental education and tools needed to help you achieve your desired outcome.  

  • We will provide you with a special discount coupon code!

What is your private pay fee schedule for 1:1 services?

As of May 2023. if you’re paying out of pocket, this is our fee schedule for each 1:1 nutrition session:

  • 90-minute initial consultation: $250
  • 60-minute follow-up appointment:  $200

Reduced-rate bundles and packages are also available.

Due to the nature of health issues which are complex, please note we don’t offer new client the option to book one-off initial consultations a-la-carte until after you’ve completed an introductory program. 

  • An introductory program may include 6 to 12 initial 1:1 sessions bundled together, with access to online learning tutorials, to establish your foundation and optimize your chances of getting the results you want. 

If you’d like to work with us 1:1 via private pay, since space is very limited in the 1:1 practice, you’ll first be required to apply HERE before getting on a call and getting invited to enroll in an introductory program. (We will only invite you to work with us if it feels mutually synergistic and in alignment!)

Functional nutrition testing FAQ’s

Is functional nutrition testing included in your programs?

Testing is included in some, but not all, programs. (As a functional nutrition clinic, we’ve got access to HUNDREDS of functional nutrition tests!)

In the 4-month Complete Gut Repair Roadmap 1:1 & hybrid group program, which we launch 1-2x per year, ONE functional nutrition test of your choice is included in the program enrollment fee.

Functional nutrition testing is no longer included in the introductory 1:1 packages, but we may still recommend it on a case-by-case basis, and you may access these tests through our clinic on an as-needed basis at special discounted rates.

Can I get functional nutrition testing covered by my insurance?

In most cases, functional nutrition testing is unfortunately NOT covered by insurance.  This is because it’s more geared towards identifying underlying root-cause imbalances and helping you to live more optimally – versus being clinically diagnostic or medically necessary to manage an existing condition.

However, you still may be able to pay for these tests using an HSA/FSA card, or get funding via CareCredit.

(For more details on this, check out our blog article: Does Insurance Cover Functional Medicine?)

Clinical FAQ’s

How long does it take for people to get results working with you?

Due to bio-individuality, no two people are the same and so everybody’s journey unfolds at a pace unique to them.  But I’ve seen very few people get the results they want in less than 3-6 consultations, especially when dealing with gut issues.

Generally speaking, the more frequently we meet, the more ground we can cover in less time.

And the more you take action and implement what we discuss, the quicker we will be able to determine what’s working/what isn’t working, and course-correct as needed.

Many people who have worked with me consistently for at least 3-6 months (weekly or every other week) have experienced incredible success stories.

  • My clients who were able to get phenomenal results working with me in only 3 months met with me at least 1x every week, or 3x per month – and they APPLIED a lot of what we discused! (Remember, at least 50% of your health outcomes – no matter who you work with – will depend upon your ability to show up consistently and implement what you learn along the way.)

But generally speaking, your clinical outcomes will depend on how complex your health issues are, how long you’ve had them for, and your level of commitment:

  • The more complex your health issues, the longer it will take for us to crack your code! (Usually chronic health issues are the culmination of multiple root causes and can’t be boiled down to just “one thing”).
  • The longer you’ve had the health issues, the longer it will take to resolve them.
  • The more consistent and commited you are, the quicker you’ll see and feel results!
  • The more often you cancel and reschedule appointments, the more difficult it will be to establish momentum and get results.

Do you offer weight loss services?

We are a weight-neutral practice.  This means we focus solely on helping people to achieve optimal health and wellness via making holistic lifestyle changes aligned with your goals. 

While we do find that some clients tend to lose weight when they make healthier choices, we are NOT a weight loss clinic, and we don’t ever guarantee weight loss as an outcome of working with us.

There will be no calorie counting, macros, or weekly weigh-ins here. If that is what you want, we aren’t the best fit for you. 😉

I have an eating disorder. Can you help me?

We’re no longer offering services for people who are actively recovering from an eating disorder.

Due to the nature of gut imbalances, we ask that you already have a healthy relationship with food, body image, and self-care before beginning to work with us.

Do you work with children or adolescents?

At this time, we are only working with adults age 20 and up.

If you’re looking for a pediatric dietitian in the United States, you may want to check out and customize your search.

Location Logistics FAQ’s

Where is your office located?

We’re based out of Austin, Texas and we have a satellite location in Woburn, Massachusetts.

However, services are currently 100% telehealth via Zoom.

Can we work together if I don’t live in the U.S.?

Unfortunately due to licensing laws and regulations, you need to live in the U.S. in order to receive support and consultation on the 1:1 level.

However, if you’re suffering from gut issues and would like to access our step-by-step framework and tutorials on how to resolve gut issues holistically, you may still feel free to enroll in our self-paced online courses:

Online learning curriculum FAQ’s

Why am I required to enroll in your online self-study curriculum in order to work with you 1:1?

Our goal is for you to get results!  And in order for you to get the results you want, you need to be equipped with the right foundational education, tools and resources that allow you to understand. (In 1:1 consultations, I tend to spend the majority of my time listening and asking questions – not teaching.) 😉

Knowledge is power.  We believe in teaching you to “fish”, so you’re set for life – versus just giving you a fish for a day!

The purpose of the online learning is to save you boatloads of time.  It would take years and years of 1:1 meetings (and a lot bigger $ investment) for us to cover everything you need to know in 1:1 meetings.

Through our online learning self-study programs, you’ll have what you need in order to nail down your root causes and your body’s best and worst supplements in a matter of months (versus years).

Are your self-study courses covered by health insurance?

Online course enrollment is included in private pay packages, but not covered by health insurance.

However, you can use an HSA/FSA card to enroll in our online courses, or you can also take advantage of our payment plans if needed.

Next Steps FAQ’s

I’m interested in working with you 1:1! How can I get started?

If you’re open to working with someone long-term who can guide & support you in achieving a desired transformation, the next step is to complete and submit this application

  • If what you’re looking for sounds potentially in alignment with how we can help, someone from our team will email you with a link to book a complimentary discovery call so we can potentially discuss the possibility of next steps.