Impromptu Lentil Chili

Although I’m not a football fan, it seems to be a pattern that some of my best recipe ideas are discovered around the time of super bowl Sunday’s.  (Still trying

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Nourishing Spaghetti Soup

Italian food + bone broth = 2 of my favorite things (especially in January!).  But together?  Who would have thought! Italian food:  enough said. Bone broth:  I can talk it

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Thai Spiced Coconut Soup

Ginger and lemongrass and coconut… Oh my!  And basil… and cilantro, and chili and lime… The above blend of herbs and spices in this Thai-inspired soup make for a nice

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Semi Homemade Two-Ingredient Tomato Soup

I accidentally came up with this recipe when  I was snowed in on a Monday; I didn’t get the chance to stop at the grocery store, so there were no veggies in

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All-Purpose Homemade Chicken Stock

As crazy as this might sound, chicken stock holds a very special place in my heart… this was one of the most important recipes I mastered when I began my

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