Recipes and articles on nutrition and herbs for people navigating IBS.

Best Herbal Tea for Digestion - 9 Ways

What’s the Best Tea for Digestion?

Chronic digestive health issues such as IBS and leaky gut are on the rise, now impacting millions of people worldwide.  The fields of holistic nutrition and herbal medicine also grown exponentially in the last decade, since more people are realizing symptom management is not the answer to digestive ailments. As a result, those seeking out …

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Spilling the Tea on Splenda / Sucralose and IBS

Splenda® (Sucarlose) and IBS

Splenda®, or “sucralose”, is a Food & Drug Administration (FDA)-approved artificial sweetener which entered the mainstream food system in the United States back in the late 1990’s.  Along with its sugar substitute counterparts including saccharin, aspartame (now labeled as “amino sweet”), and a handful of other artificial sweeteners, sucralose has been hit with a lot …

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