Delayed Gratification: The Secret to Long-Term Success?

Most of us are familiar with “instant gratification”, a form of desire or temptation that we’ve all experienced (or will experience) at some point in our lives… Instant gratification is

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Nutrition Conviction: My Holistic Approach to Mindset Shift

“So tell me again— what’s your WHY?” I asked one of my clients. As I was sharing the importance of a strong Nutrition Conviction in our meeting, her eyes welled

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How to Revolutionize Your 2019 Resolutions: My Top 4 Tips

Oh my, 2018… where do I start?! I think it goes without saying, but this year was a bit of a whirlwind for most of us.  Or was it just

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“Healthy Living” and Intuitive Eating: What’s it Really About?

FACT: Dietitians are human too! Shortly after I posted a photo of my green kale smoothie not too long ago, I went home and snacked on these potato chips that

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8 Things You Should Know if You Have Iron-Deficiency Anemia

ANEMIA, in a nutshell, is a condition in which our blood is not carrying enough oxygen to the rest of our body, either because we don’t have enough red blood

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My Two Cents on Splenda® (Sucarlose) and Other Artificial Sweeteners

Splenda®, or sucralose, is a well-known FDA-approved artificial sweetener which made its way into the market back in the late 1990’s.  Along with its counterparts including saccharin, aspartame (now labeled

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