Herbs for Immunity: Recipe E-Book

Herbal Potions for Immunity Recipe E-BookLearn how to boost, build, and balance your immunity naturally… from the inside out!

Would you like to boost your resilience and up-level your body’s innate immunity with herbs? 

This e-book will help you to feel and be more informed, empowered, and inspired to connect back to our roots, and make the most of what Mother Nature has to offer.   

The herbs, recipes, protocols and ancient wisdom included in this e-book are timeless and have been practiced by herbalists and healers around various parts of the world for many centuries! 

The herbal remedies, or “potions”, featured in this e-book are too easy, too effective and too much fun to be kept exclusive just for “witches” and healers – they should be for everyone to enjoy!

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  • Full color 30-page e-cookbook featuring Jenna’s favorite go-to “herbal allies” for supporting a healthy immune system

  • 8 easy-to-follow recipes for tasty and timeless (and effective) DIY immunity-boosting/balancing “potions”

  • Fun facts, evidence-based information and insider tips on secrets to stronger immunity

  • Links and recommendations on where to find organic, ethically and sustainably sourced herbs

  • Instructions on how and when to take, and when not to take, each “potion”

  • Special considerations and alternatives for people with autoimmune disorders or taking certain medications that interact with featured herbs

  • 39.9 MB PDF download

  • Inspiration to live a more natural, empowered and healthy life!