About Me

Jenna Volpe, RD, LDN

I’ve been working in the field of clinical nutrition since 2007; I have been practicing as a dietitian and Reiki therapist since 2011.  My mission is to help others optimize their health and quality of life through natural living and a balanced relationship with food & self-care.  I’m a foodie too, and I have a huge sweet tooth!

My Story

I entered the world of nutrition when I was sixteen while volunteering at a hospital coffee shop after school: one day an elderly man ordered a cup of green tea and we began chatting.  Before I knew it I was being educated on the incredible power of green tea and how it was valued in Japan for preventing lung cancer among many who smoked.  

When I got home that day, instead of doing my homework I spent hours reading up on antioxidants, polyphenols and cancer prevention (typical teenage hobby, yes I know).  Something clicked and my adolescent mind was blown.  Why had I not heard about this sooner, and why was everyone not drinking green tea?! 

If only I could thank this man for being the first catalyst in my career path so many years ago.


It was no question I made the right decision when I chose to pursue an education and career in nutrition.

Everything was going great until my early 20’s when I suddenly developed digestive issues, food allergies and an autoimmune condition called “eosinophilic esophagitis“.

The food pyramid, specifically whole wheat and low-fat dairy products (foods I had been taught were “healthy”), seemed to make everything worse. 

Prilosec, lactaid pills, endoscopies and restrictive diets (out of desperation) were just not cutting it.  I felt helpless and pretty frustrated that I wasn’t able to resolve this on my own after so many years of training in the health field.  As time passed, more food allergies developed to the point where I became scared to eat anything I didn’t make myself, not knowing how my body would react.  It was not fun and not sustainable.

At my wit’s end, in 2014 I sought help from holistic nutrition consultant Gena Mavuli at Nutrition Basics; within a year, digestive symptoms disappeared and 8 allergies were reversed.  AND I have not had anymore surgeries on my esophagus since then!

Again my mind was blown, and my level of understanding that “food is medicine” was seriously upgraded.  I am eternally grateful for Gena and this journey as it was another major catalyst in my career path!


I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences at Boston University in 2010 and completed my dietetic internship at the University of New Hampshire prior to receiving my Registered Dietitian credential in 2011.

jenna volpeMy Philosophy

I believe in real food, natural living, balance, mindfulness and self-care. Our health is a foundation on which we can build. Let’s keep it strong!

I believe we have all the resources we need to heal ourselves if we tap into the powers of Mother Nature and our own inner wisdom.  Also – when it comes to healing, slow and steady wins the race!

I believe we are all better off when we focus on what we CAN have, and what new healthier versions of our favorite foods we can try, rather than focusing on what we CAN’T do, or what we SHOULDN’T be eating.

I believe we all deserve and need to love what we eat!

Please reach out if you’d like to learn more about my approach. 🙂 

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