Find a Certified LEAP Therapist Near You

Find a Certified LEAP Therapist Near You

Looking for a certified LEAP therapist near you, to help you get started with MRT testing and/or decode your mediator release food sensitivity test results?  If so, you’re in the right place!  

As a LEAP therapist myself, I get lots of inquiries, but can’t work with everyone, so I compiled a round-up of my fellow certified LEAP therapist (CLT) colleagues by state and country.

Just click on your region and you’ll be led to a roster of LEAP therapists practicing in your state/province.  

  • Note:  In addition to the CLT provider rosters by state, I’ve also included names and links to certain CLT practitioners who confirmed directly with me that they ARE currently accepting new LEAP and MRT clients. So, I recommend reaching out to them first. 😉

(Disclaimer:  Not every region has certified LEAP therapists, and this type of nutrition therapy isn’t allowed in the state of New York.  Also, I can’t guarantee everyone listed is accepting new clients, but they may be able to refer you to someone else locally who is.) 

Best of luck on your journey!

LEAP therapists in the United States of America

Certified LEAP therapists in Canada

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