Nutrition Conviction: My Holistic Approach to Mindset Shift

“So tell me again— what’s your WHY?” I asked one of my clients.

As I was sharing the importance of a strong Nutrition Conviction in our meeting, her eyes welled up with tears.

“No one’s ever explained it to me like that before”, she replied.

Initially, she had come to see me because she wanted to lose weight.  She didn’t feel comfortable in her clothes.  She had been stuck in the yo-yo dieting cycle for many years, and was set on getting back to a certain number on the scale.  She wanted me to provide her a plan of macro’s to follow. 

Throughout our time working together, this client has made lots of healthy changes which have led to better digestion, increased energy and stamina, migraines reduced to a frequency and level now almost non-existent, and she’s even begun to master “intuitive eating” (not counting calories/macros) – something she never anticipated was in the cards!

But regardless of how much better she felt since we started working together, any time there was a meeting in which the number on the scale didn’t go down, I observed her getting discouraged and expressing that she felt her hard work and efforts were a “waste of time”. 

For real?!” Was my reaction.  

(In my mind, all of those positive outcomes I mentioned above are major victories to be celebrated!)

For the record, I’m not singling out this client or judging/shaming her in any way.  She’s an amazing person who I absolutely love working with! 

I chose to use the above case as an example to shine light on what needs to shift among the collective, on a mass level.  Too many people are victims of many years of “programming” by the media and diet industry. 

  • When our sense of happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction or self-worth are at the whim of a fickle number (or something else related to the physical body or appearance) that is dynamic, ever-changing, and often beyond our control, what are we do to?
  • If we’re dissatisfied with our body and feel that a vibrant life with positive health outcomes (as a result of sound nutrition/exercise habits) is not enough, that’s a symptom of something deeper…

What I’m getting at is that the motive to lose weight or change appearance will never be enough to sustain a successful, lasting nutrition journey.  We would just find ourselves continuing to take one step forward and one step back over and over again.

There are many ways to connect with a deeper Nutrition Conviction…

Here’s mine (trigger warning— it’s intense and vulnerable).

Here are some other similar examples:

  • Freedom from medications and the pharmaceutical rabbit hole
  • Freedom from weighing, measuring and counting
  • Personal empowerment: a deeper connection to your body, your emotions, your inner wisdom and to nature
  • Personal empowerment that, when mastered in the realm of nutrition, can transcend into other facets of your life
  • A new level of health and vitality that give you what you need to really show up (for a lot longer) for the people you love
  • A new level of health and vitality that will allow you to go on fun trips that you’ve always wanted to go on
  • For more ideas: check out the Health at Every Size (HAES) movement!

So let me ask you – what do you value that’s deeper and unconditional, beyond weighing a certain amount or looking a certain way?  What’s your “why”?

I’d love to hear from you!  Feel free to reach out any time, or comment below to share your story.

<3 Jenna


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