MY Personal Nutrition Conviction

Our “Nutrition Conviction” is the WHY  behind we do what we do (or don’t) in the realm of nutrition and health habits. 

It plays a major role in our ability to sustain new health habits, and without it we may not ever get very far.

For example, if we don’t value our own needs, and continue to put everyone else’s first, trying to start and/or maintain better nutrition and self-care will always be an uphill battle.

(Note:  If you’d like to learn more about my concept of “Nutrition Conviction”, you should check out the full article here! This is just an extension of the original since I like to get carried away and ramble…)

My personal “WHY”…

When I was growing up, not only did I lose a few of my grandparents to cancer and diabetes but I also had to watch them go through some really terrible things like chemo, radiation and leg amputations.  It continued as I started volunteering at a local hospital and watched many patients spiral on down the pharmaceutical rabbit hole:

  •  I observed the side effects of their various medications and realized that once you start, it becomes progressively more difficult to escape the multiple pills with multiple side effects and chronic discomfort for the rest of your life.

It was painful to see, and it also made me feel hopeless and terrified about aging.  I believed that this stuff just happened and there was nothing we could do.  Until…

My “ah-ha!” moment

Learning about green tea, antioxidants and then the power of food from a preventive standpoint awakened me to the bigger picture… I basically got my head out of the trees and saw the entire forest very clearly (hence, my “Nutrition Conviction”):

  • We have LOTS of natural resources readily available to us for preventive and healing purposes!
    • Most of us don’t know about these resources; they’re sitting dormant, waiting to be discovered and shared by more people
      • Not everyone who knows about these resources is going to tell you (or let you find out), because lots of companies profit from chronically sick people
        • If we had access to this information and could use some of it to drastically improve/prolong our quality of life, why wouldn’t we do that?
          • Because prevention is invisible, we can’t see its results day to day, and thus only those with a sense of “delayed gratification” are motivated by prevention!
  • It’s EMPOWERING to take what we know, apply it to our everyday life in ways that fit our uniqueness, and feel great!   I want as many people as possible to tap into their inner empowerment and share this experience with me.

What’s your conviction?

What led you here? What are the underlying motives behind what you do?  Feel free to share in the comments below! 

For more information on “Nutrition Conviction” and how to tap into yours, check out the full article here!

Thanks for reading 🙂

<3 Jenna