4 Ways to Revolutionize Your New Year’s Resolutions


Oh my, 2018… where do I start?! I think it goes without saying, but this year was a bit of a whirlwind for most of us.  Or was it just me? 😉

On a personal level, themes I experienced this year were mostly about up-rooting and re-planting, especially since my move from Boston to Austin 6 months ago.  I also just completed a year-long Kabbalah journey through each of the 10 Sephirot (collectively the Tree of Life), and am now mid-way through two different certification programs as a clinical herbalist.  

LOTS of uncharted territory to say the least (and apparently lots of plant themes). 🙂 

Grounding in Austin

Looking ahead

Starting a new year is always exciting, but I’m especially looking forward to 2019.  I’m hoping some of the new seeds I planted during 2018 will start to coming to fruition (some quite literally!). 

Without getting too detailed, a few things in the works for this coming year include an online e-course and a small-scale herb garden & apothecary, all of which will allow me to support more people in fun new ways on their health journeys! 

When it comes to goal setting, less is more

One of my mantra’s I have decided to focus on in 2019 is “less is more”.  In other words, focus on only a few major goals, and do a really great job, versus trying to do too many different things at once and not being able to give all of it 100%. 

Quality over quantity!

New Year Fresh Start

New Year’s resolutions  in the form of IDEAS and THOUGHTS are wonderful, and a lot of fun too.  But without the PLANNING and ACTION piece, goal-setting is not as useful.   Does that make sense?

I think so, and that’s why I’ve decided to forego the Recipe of the Month this December and instead share ways we can revolutionize (radically change, transform, restructure) our New Year’s resolutions in ways that allow us to accomplish more in 2019.

Here are my top 4 tips for getting 2019 off to a fabulous start:

  1. Focus on ACTIONS that are specific and realistic

Instead of saying that you are going to “eat healthier”, set small goals based on what you know needs to be in place, and also around what you feel capable of doing long-term in order to achieve that outcome! 

The more specific, the better.

For example:

Set a goal to pack lunch on Tuesdays & Thursdays, or commit to attending a certain fitness/yoga class 1x/week that fits into your schedule.  

  • A study done by the University of California asked two groups of students to visualize. One group visualized getting a good grade on a test, while the other group visualized themselves studying for the test. The group who visualized studying for the test ended up getting higher grades! (1)
  1. Focus on the POSITIVE behaviors you are going to add in, rather than the negative things you would like to stop.

There are only so many hours in a day.  If we fill our day with more positive health-promoting choices, it will start to crowd out some of the not-so-healthy habits over time!  On the other hand, if we’re constantly thinking about what we can no longer do, we’re actually giving it more power over us.   

Where our mind goes, energy follows.  This applies to anything. 


I love coffee!  It’s delicious, it makes me happy and it’s a part of my lifestyle that I don’t plan on giving up.   But If I have coffee more than once a day, especially later in the afternoon, it interferes with my sleep.  (Dark chocolate after dinner- don’t even get me started!)


Instead of saying that I’m going to “drink less coffee”, because that puts me in a deprivation mindset, I’m going to commit to drinking tea at least 1x/day.  Chances are if I’m sipping on tea as my hot beverage of choice, I won’t be having coffee at the same time!


  1. Go at your own pace. There are no deadlines! 

Seriously, why rush?  If we try to go from zero to sixty in the first week, we’re going to burn out fast.  That’s why gyms are always PACKED for the first two weeks, and then before February starts, everything is already back to normal.  We can be hard on ourselves and we might hold ourselves to too-high standards if we’re not careful! 

On the other hand, if we aren’t doing anything proactive and we don’t feel uncomfortable at all, we’ll become stagnant and stop progressing.  

The key to finding balance here is to check in with yourself and make sure you’re feeling SLIGHTLY uncomfortable (or outside of your comfort zone) more often than not.

Challenging ourselves by stepping outside of our comfort zone, provided it’s something we know it’s for the best, is how we move forward and grow.  But if we challenge ourselves too much, we revert to our comfort zone and get stuck.


  • Pick a few major things you would like to accomplish in the next year, and then break those goals down into action steps in the form of mini to-do lists, re-evaluating your list each week or each month.  Less is more. 😉
  1. Write it down, and keep it somewhere you can see everyday.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy vision board, although a lot of successful people I know swear by those. 

Years ago, my Papa had advised me to make a list of things I wanted for myself in life, and to post it somewhere that I would see it all the time.  I taped it next to my bed, on the wall in my old apartment.  It wasn’t so much New Year’s Resolutions as it was life goals. 

During a move, I found that list and was ASTOUNDED to see that everything on there had already been accomplished – it was time for a new list!  Thanks Papa! 

There’s more where that came from!  But I hope this will help you get your 2019 off to the right start.

What are your new year’s resolutions?  Let me know!  And may 2019 be everything you hope for and more.   Happy New Year!!!

Jenna and Michael 2018 <3 Jenna


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