Holistic & Evidence-Based Integrative and Functional Nutrition & Herbal Remedies for... IBS | SIBO | CSID | IBD | Leaky Gut & more with Jenna Volpe Can you relate?

Despite eating relatively healthy, you’re highly sensitive to all sorts of foods.

Maybe you often find yourself in pain, aka “inflamed”.

You’ve found yourself avoiding certain foods you used to love, cause you don’t know how your body will react.

Ultimately, you feel deep in your core that something is off, and you need a roadmap + the right guidance to find your way back into alignment.

Maybe you’re tired of being given yet another pill for symptom management –  or even worse – being told “you’re fine”!

If so… I get it. I hear you. I understand, because I’ve gone through all of that first hand… and made it out on the other side!

Now I’d like to pave the way for YOU, through my holistic, evidence-based, root-cause framework.

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If you’re looking for an empathic, holistic-minded, experienced functional dietitian nutritionist and clinical herbalist who can help you address issues such as:

…on a customized, individualized, holistic and realistic root-cause cellular level…

You’ve come to the right place!

With over a decade of hands-on clinical and counseling experience, working with amazing clients and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, my mission is to equip you with the right information and practical tools that will leave you feeling like a happier, healthier and more empowered version of you than ever before.

My path to becoming a functional dietitian, holistic nutritionist,  &

clinical herbalist was clear at an early age.

Since then I’ve also gone through my own personal healing journey which has changed the entire trajectory of my life for the better!


Why work with me?

My holistic, multi-dimensional approach will help you to “crack your code” and heal from the inside out.

This approach will give you the best of both worlds: it’s holistic but also rooted in a strong clinical nutrition foundation.

(So your problems won’t just keep returning or getting worse.)


As a “wounded healer” turned holistic dietitian, gut health nutritionist and

LEAP therapist,

I’ve walked through fire and learned a lot of things first-hand, so YOU won’t have to waste years trying to figure things out the hard way.

(No more throwing things at the wall until something sticks!)

My perspectives and insights are sought-after and featured in media outlets nationally.


A few ways I can support you:

1. The holistic gut health nutrition blog is a great FREE way to start learning from me!

Most popular featured articles:
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2.   The IBS Food Diary (created & self-published by yours truly!) will teach you how to gain new levels of CLARITY – so you can uncover which foods agree with you, and which ones don’t:

3.  Look into our functional medicine lab testing to get a better idea of what’s going on in your body at the cellular level!

Functional Nutrition and Functional Medicie Lab Testing 5.  Let’s chat with me about working together (1-1 or group program) so you can receive customized holistic consultation!

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I’m so glad you’re here! It would be an honor  to be a part of your holistic health and nutrition journey, no matter where you’re at.

XO – Jenna