“I committed at the start of the new year to eat healthier, exercise and lose weight. One month into my new routine I decided to meet with Jenna as I was not seeing the results I had hoped for. I was eating well (or so I thought) and exercising yet I was not losing much weight and felt tired all the time because I was starving myself. When I met with Jenna she told me my diet was out of balance which explained the lack of weight loss and constant fatigue.

Jenna has an impressive understanding of nutrition but is also able to explain complex nutrition concepts in a way I could understand. I am more apt to follow directions when I understand them and they make sense which Jenna provided.

Jenna explained what nutrients my body needed to sustain the exercise routine, lose weight and maintain a good energy level while not feeling like I was starving myself.

I left our first meeting with a food plan that was more generous, tasty, varied and filling than what I was consuming prior to the visit. It is comforting to know that I am now consuming the nutrients my body requires to maintain my energy levels and yet lose weight. The guidance from Jenna did not result in a diet plan that I would follow for a while then fall back into bad habits. I now have a delicious lifelong diet that I enjoy which maintains my energy, provides the appropriate nutrients for my exercise routine and helps me lose weight.

3 months later at our second meeting we were both elated to see that I had lost 15 pounds. Thanks from a happy client! — S.G.

“I started seeing Jenna at Whole-istic Living in the summer shortly after I arrived back from two years working abroad.  I had been struggling with an eating disorder and the anxiety that surrounds those habits for about a year and was hoping to develop a more healthy relationship with nutrition that would allow me the energy and peace of mind that I wanted to enjoy my life more fully.  

Jenna was awesome about meeting me where I was at with my anxiety surrounding eating and exercise.  She explained to me small changes that I could make and maintain every week or few weeks in my eating and the biological reasons that they were important.  She constantly asked me what changes I was comfortable making and challenged me but listened to me about my level of comfort and never went beyond what I was comfortable with.  In addition she remained positive and supportive throughout the experience.  After a less successful week, I would often come into her office anxious and discouraged but always left refocused and re-energized towards my goals.  She came up with creative solutions that went beyond just healthier eating habits (such as healthy lifestyle suggestions, recipes and products, how to go out to eat, exercise, etc).  

One of my biggest concerns was developing a stable nutritional balance after I reached a healthy weight and Jenna continued to support me until I felt comfortable maintaining my nutrition habits independently.  Thanks to about 6 months of work with Jenna I have reached my goal of a much healthier and happier relationship with eating and nutrition and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a focused, creative, and supportive nutritionist.” –Z.G.

“I found Jenna when I was searching for a holistic nutritionist to address a variety of health conditions I had been dealing with for years. I was sick of being given medications to try to fix all of the problems and I felt like there must be another way. One of the big issues I was having was a variety of GI symptoms. I had been dealing with this for over 6 years and had tried some medications and seen many specialists.
When I met Jenna and told her all of my different symptoms, she was the first person that finally validated my thought that all of these issues were connected and could be helped through diet changes. It finally seemed to make sense and I was so happy to feel understood. Jenna was so great working with me to help me slowly make changes to my diet. I never felt overwhelmed and she was always very responsive to any questions, explaining the reasoning for any diet changes or additions.
Jenna started the journey for me of health through nutrition and I can’t thank her enough for that. I have already recommended her to a variety of family and friends who have complained about GI and other chronic issues. I would recommend her to anyone who has any chronic health problems and wants to learn how to feel better and heal through nutrition and lifestyle changes!”
“Jenna is amazing!  Truly!  I came to Jenna for help in treating an autoimmune condition with an overactive thyroid.  One of my issues was that my body was in overdrive.  I couldn’t eat enough and was losing weight.  I knew from the start that any treatment I used would need to include good, healthy, nutritious food.  I also knew that I would need help figuring out what would actually be healing for my condition.  I was determined to heal my body naturally with no medication.  Since food is medicine, I knew that was an important component for me.  Jenna became a vital member in my healing team.  She is really smart and understood all the “numbers” and “data” from my blood and lab results.  She helped me incorporate delicious, nutrient dense, healing foods into my regular eating plan, which resulted in me regaining my normal weight and keeping it there.  My lab work is back in the “normal” range, and I know that continuing to eat well is a huge part of that.
Jenna is smart, kind, compassionate and considerate.  She truly knows and understands the science as well as the heart of nutrition so she can tailor her approach to the unique needs of each person.  More importantly, she never scolds or shames.  Rather, she supports and celebrates each positive change.  I’ve been raving about her to my friends and keep sending people to her for help.  They all love her as well.  I am truly grateful for all the ways Jenna has helped me on my journey back to health.” — J.H.

“I had been frustrated with my diet and some aspects of my health for a while – mostly my energy levels and a little extra body weight, and a friend of mine told me Jenna was a big help, so I decided to see her. Jenna and I reviewed my existing diet together in our first appointment, and almost immediately she pointed out some major deficiencies that I should have been conscious of, but I guess I was just complacent. From that point, I was sold, and I really started to listen.
Jenna and I began working together first on the baby steps of a new plan of action. One of those steps was planning ahead and finding interesting ways to incorporate what was lacking in my diet. I now go to the supermarket at the beginning of every week to stock up on fresh produce and feel more confident navigating nutrition labels, which used to be confusing for me. Once I had that down, we continued to tweak my routine each session. It has been about three months so far, and I have to say it has worked wonders. I have more energy in the morning and throughout the day, I’ve lost a little weight, and one thing I didn’t expect was that I have this new understanding in the back of my mind that I’m taking care of myself and my body, and that’s pretty cool. I would highly recommend Jenna and Whole-istic living to anyone who needs a change, but doesn’t know where to start.” — M.M.

“Jenna has been working with me for about three weeks to help me lose weight and incorporate healthier eating habits. To date, I have lost 6 1/2 pounds! I was always afraid of eating too much fat, and chose mostly reduced-fat or fat-free foods. I am learning from Jenna that eating fat doesn’t cause weight gain, but actually helps with staying full after meals. I would highly recommend Jenna’s nutrition services. It is clear she is very invested in her clients, and has so much knowledge on nutrition. I have tried many other diet plans in the past, and have not had success in keeping the weight off. I like Jenna’s approach because is not just a diet, but teaching healthy eating habits that feel realistic for me to maintain.” — N.V.

“I cannot say enough about Jenna and how much she’s helped me in the past 3 months not only have I lost 30 pounds I feel a lot better than I did when I started and I feel like I truly found a friend, you’re the best Jenna” — R.P.

I sought out Jenna when I hurt my back. Turns out losing weight actually improved my back pain. Jenna went step by step, starting small and working up to bigger goals and habits. Aldo what foods I was eating, and the truth about what goes into food, and how it affects your body. It’s really helped me, and I am making better healthy options for myself. She also cares about your progress and well being, and will even email the appointment notes to review. –J.T.

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