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Jenna Volpe, RD, LDN

I have been practicing as a dietitian since 2011. My passion is to help others optimize their health and quality of life through personal empowerment and changing their relationship with food. I am Italian, have had a sweet tooth my whole life, and love making/enjoying delicious meals!

My Story

I encountered my “gateway” into the world of nutrition at the age of sixteen, when I was volunteering at a coffee shop. An elderly man approached me, making small talk about the power of green tea in cancer prevention. If only I could tell him today the impact he has made on my life.

Curious to learn more, I went home that same day and stumbled upon internet articles which further elaborated on the incredible health benefits of “antioxidants”. Needless to say, my personal goal of incorporating a cup of green tea each day spiraled into a serving of blueberries with breakfast and broccoli with dinner…

0ef31c293b4b797fd8309e25ca1a08b2My relationship with food took another turn when I developed chronic digestive issues and food allergies in my early 20s. It was probably related to high stress and a combination of other factors. Mainstream medicine did little to help me. What I really wanted was to identify and understand the potential root causes of my health issues. I turned to holistic nutrition consultant Gena Mavuli from Nurition Basics, and she tuned my world upside down. I learned more about food than I thought was possible after having already completed my bachelor degree in nutrition, plus over 1200 hours of practicum work. Down the rabbit hole I went!

Working with Gena and fine-tuning my diet helped alleviate many of my digestive issues and even eliminate 8 allergies (over the course of a year). My life has never been the same. Transforming my own relationship with food has been a major catalyst in my journey. The more I continue to learn, the stronger my passion grows for health promotion and disease prevention through healthy eating!

I hold over ten years of clinical nutrition experience related to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.  I have five plus years of eating disorder experience in all levels of care.  I also have a large client base in need of gastrointestinal nutrition therapy.


I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences at Boston University in 2010 and completed a Dietetic Internship at the University of New Hampshire prior to receiving my Registered Dietitian (“RD”) credential in 2011.

jenna volpeMy Philosophy

I believe in making health a top priority, and focusing on quality over quantity at any budget. Calorie-counting and fad diets are severely over-rated!  I don’t believe in strict diets or restrictions unless it’s medically necessary.  However, you will find I often incorporate the positive nutritional aspects of different diets into my recipes.  Most of my blog articles and recipes cater to the needs of my clients, but they are beneficial to the general public for wellness and prevention.

I believe in the complementary power of Mother Nature’s “functional foods”.  

I believe we are all better off when we focus on what we CAN have, and what new healthier versions of our favorite foods we can try, rather than focusing on what we CAN’T do, or what we SHOULDN’T be eating.

We’re all naturally prone to something called “black and white thinking”, which means we feel we need to either go “all in” or do nothing at all. Ultimately this doesn’t work: it leads to repeated cycles of extreme deprivation followed by compensatory over-indulging in one way or another.  Many people know this pattern as “yo-yo dieting”.

Moderation is simple but powerful.  It means something different for each of us.  Every food has something to offer, and not every person has the same needs or preferences. I take pride in my ability to integrate unique, individualized clinical nutrition recommendations for my clients using holistic, thoughtful, and original approaches.

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